A. Baki Kocaballi is a design researcher and artist. He has a Phd degree in Interaction Design (University of Sydney), Masters degree in Information Systems (METU), and Bachelor degree in City and Regional Planning (METU). During his undergraduate studies, he completed a minor degree in Geographic Information Systems. Currently, he works at the Centre for Health Informatics of Macquarie University. He is researching human-AI interaction and user experience of artificially intelligent conversational interfaces.

His PhD thesis has developed a relational understanding of design referred to as Agency Sensitive Design (ASD) in the field of interaction design. ASD, which can be situated somewhere between meta-design, value-sensitive design, and reflective design, enables designers to incorporate a relational view of agency in their design thinking. A relational understanding of design supports responsible and ethical design practices, situated action, novel associations between humans and technologies, and participatory innovation. As part of his research, he conducted three participatory design workshops in which participants engaged in game-like co-design activities to explore possibilities of a future interactive system referred to as wearable environments. The activities also worked as a test bed to develop and refine a set of design qualities: relationality, multiplicity, visibility, configurability, accountability and duality.

His research interests include Human-AI Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, Conversational Interfaces,Actor-Network Theory, Participatory Design, Participatory Innovation, Embodied Interaction, Medical Self-Care Technologies, e-Health, Urban Computing, Critical and Reflective Design, Research through Design, and Wearable Computing.

His photography and video works explore various ways to reconfigure and redraw the boundaries between the entities. Ambiguity, multiplicity, entanglements are common themes explored in his artwork.

email: abakik (at)